Social Wifi Hotspots

Turn Your Free Wifi Into Profit!

We take your free wi-fi and turn it into a profit building machine. Users login to use your free wi-fi using their Social Media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, email or other Social logins, you capture their email and other contact details.

The objective here is to gain your visitors’ trust, make it easy for them to choose you as a destination and this can make all the difference in your sales, turnover and profit and is one of the best services available for ROI.

Gather User Data Including Email!

When people log in to your free wi-fi, our advanced, state of the art back end control panel captures the user data so you know exactly who is using your Wi-fi at any one time.

We can help you to integrate the contact details into an email database or autoresponder such as Mailchimp, Aweber or Constant Contact and you can then email offers or updates straight to the inbox. This sort of flexibility will provide you with more marketing opportunities and will ultimately drive sales to increase your profits.

At the same time, this saves your staff work by avoiding having to give out codes to use the wireless and saves customers frustration.

We Make Sure That You Stay Legal!

Did you know that you can be potentially liable and face possible prosecution if your wi-fi is used for illegal purposes?

Of course you can’t police everything that people do when using the internet at your premises; however you can make certain that you know who is using the service and that way, you will be taking reasonable precautions to secure the wi-fi access.

If you also want to limit the types of websites that people can access then for a small monthly cost, this can be arranged.

To find out more about our range of Social Wi-fi Hotspots, please get in touch and we will be happy to help. touch.